School Improvement Plan

School Growth Plan Template

School:  Parkview Elementary___                                            Year:   2017-2018____________

Principal:  Carla Schneider__________

Part 1: Learning Goals

Learning Goals Rationale Information Strategies Identified
Goal #1:

To improve the math skills of all students, with a focus on problem solving

Classroom assessments show that students are being able to “do math” and now need to focus on being able to “use math” -2016-2017 FSA results

Gr 4 – 10 Meeting and 9 Exceeding (100% – 100% in previous school year)

Gr 7 – 5 NYM, 10 Meeting and 0 Exceeding (66% – 66% in previous school year)

– continue with team teaching with Numeracy Support Teacher

-continue with problem of the week

-continue with math club and contests

-Funds designated from student learning grant to purchase additional math resources

-Math support teacher to provide problem solving material to all teachers

Goal #2:

To improve the reading skills of all students with a primary focus on decoding, fluency and comprehension, and a grade 2-7 focus on vocabulary and comprehension.

Students at Parkview are on an upward trajectory with reading.  Students need to “learn to read” so they can “read to learn”. -2016-2017 FSA results

Gr 4 – 2 NYM, 15 Meeting and 2 Exceeding (90% – 96% in previous school year))

Gr 7 – 3 NYM, 11 Meeting and 1 Exceeding (80% – 92% in previous school year)


-Primary and intermediate reading clubs

-Introduce student book club

-Funds designated for more robust home reading books, including books with Aboriginal contnent

Goal #3:

Support students with their social and emotional well being through direct teaching of strategies

Sicamous is a vulnerable community, and it is difficult for families to access resources.  Academic learning is secondary, when students are not “well” or self-regulated.  Goal #3 supports goals #1&2. -28% of our students are vulnerable in 1 or more scales of the vulnerability index -Additional Counselling support

-common language for Zones of Regulation

– Increased LRT (with additional support from non-ISP school)

-Maintain ESW position at Parkview

-Funds designated to purchase  self regulation tools for the school

Story:  Examples from students and how the school will tell its story of learning.

-Baseline math testing – September and June results

-Performance Standards

-FSA results

-Office referrals

-Our Schools and Satisfaction Surveys

Please describe how the process used to determine your growth plan followed these five criteria?

-Discuss Growth Plan and Growth Planning process at May staff meeting

-All staff invited to provide input into Growth Plan

-Staff input incorporated into Growth Plan

-Plan shared with staff and submitted to School district by May 30th

-Review Plans in September – will have new staff and they must also have input – signed off September 2017

-Goals #1 and #2 are in 4th year of cycle

-Goal #3 is in 2nd year of cycle