Parkview Air Reports and Work Summaries

Thank you to everyone who attended the Parkview walk through January 29th. All reports regarding the ongoing air testing and work from the 2019-2020 school year are now placed on this page. Note that this is an exceptional circumstance and sharing technical documents in this manner has not been and will not become a standard practice in School District No.83.

*Please review the Letter from VOHS consultant Robin Van Driel prior to reviewing the VOHS reports and CO2 readings.

Letter from VOHS 01.30.2020
SD8318-004 – Mould Air Sampling Results Letter
*Parkview School – Summary VOHS
Parkview Elementary Report – ORS
Parkview Elementary Odour Assessment Report – Oct 4 2019
*Parkview Elementary Preliminary Mould Report
*Parkview Elementary IAQ Investigation Report 3 10.10.2019
*Parkview Report 4 – Cultured Samples 10.29.2019
Final Tech Memo 10-31-19
*Parkview Elementary IAQ Report 56D – SD83
*Executive Summary Parkview Elementary final
*Zipfile of Recent CO2 Readings
Parkview Work Orders completed Sept 2019-present
Parkview Work Order Backlog
Summary of Parkview Findings and Recommendations as of Jan 24
2019-2020 Parkview Action Summary

A printed copy of each of these will be available in a binder in the school staff room as well as the office for any who wishes to view them in hard copy. Please communicate any additional questions through school principal Ms. Carla Schneider.

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I want to keep you informed regarding a facility issue at Parkview.  Due to the extreme snow load and subsequent quick melt, we have encountered a roof leak in one of our classrooms.  Our facilities personnel has been working diligently all weekend, with the support of Okanagan Restorations.  It will be business as usual tomorrow at Parkview, however the students in Division 1 (Miss. Hughes’ grade 6 class) will be temporarily relocated to room #8 (Maker Room).  I would like to thank Miss. Hughes for her work in getting their new work space prepared for her students.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Carla Schneider