Parkview Elementary School Code of Conduct


All individuals at Parkview Elementary School are expected to show respect for our school beliefs: “At Parkview Elementary School, we respect learning, ourselves, others, property and safety”.

In instances where student misbehaviour occurs, these expectations are reviewed either at the classroom or office level.  Our school staff believes in the philosophy of restitution.  We teach our students to identify their misbehaviour and the underlying causes of the misbehaviour.  Students are expected to accept responsibility for their actions and actively seek a way to fix the problem.

Parkview Elementary implements a progressive discipline model and escalates when behaviours are repeated or increasingly serious.

Bottom Line behaviours

We at Parkview have some bottom line behaviours that are not acceptable at any time.  Students who violate bottom line behaviours will be removed from their classroom, playground or from the school as fits the circumstance.

Bottom line/serious incidents include:  Physical violence, Directed verbal violence (at a student or staff member), Direct defiance of a staff member, Leaving the school grounds without permission, Weapons, Vandalism and Theft.

On these instances the student is removed from the situation and referred to the office.


Consequences will be applied in a fair and consistent manner, respecting age and maturity.  Each incident is investigated and consequences are applied based on the evidence gathered.